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Have you ever thought that upholstery cleaning is just getting the dirt out of your lounge chair, or the cat and dog fur out of the living room couch? Dead skin cells, bacteria and pet dander can build up over time causing your furniture to look discolored and worn. Most upholstery today is made of micro-fiber or a blend which tends to develop water ring stains and attracts oil. Below are some examples of common issues that many households face that our upholstery cleaning can solve in your home.

  • Drink stains from juice, coffee, beer or wine.
  • All sorts of pet stains, from paw prints to urine.
  • Marker stains from kids' coloring.
  • Water ring stains.
  • Various food stains from grease to spaghetti sauce.

Book now through our scheduling tool and select a time slot that is most convenient for you or send us a message to describe your needs. Choose from our current specials or build your own cleaning to suit your home. Couches, loveseats, chairs, fabrics of all kinds- we'll clean them all and restore your furniture to its former glory.